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We are The UK’s Leading Repair Specialists. We are experienced PC consultations with over 25 years of PC,  Server and Networking experience. We are different. By working with no time constraints at a time more convenient to you, we apply the same expertise at a price more appropriate and affordable to the office and business users. Our quality checks software that allows your business procedures to be monitored and measured accurately thus helping to identify potential problems areas. Our services contracts ensure immediate access to one of our trained technicians, discount on hardware and software. We can cover everything from PC and Laptop repairs, configures, office network and soft network solutions to Schools, Companies and Business. 

It is simply you run your business; we’ll run the IT.

We provide hardware installation and optimum configurations. Whether it is hard disk drive upgrade, memory or modem/router we can install and configure it. We also offer a laptoprepair service. This includes replace screen, power connectors, keyboard, memory or hard drive replacement or upgrades. If your computer is broken we provide a way of analyzing your business and can give back your valuable information, look after your files, precious photographs and data on areas that need particular attention. Our rates are very competitive and we aim to respond with the same day call out from 10am to 7pm.



Our hard and component knowledge and real world experience assures you that we can solve most hardware related issues quickly.

  • Hardware resources conflict
  • Intermittent operation
  • Performance degradation
  • Component failure
  • Software installations and upgrade

We provide expert insulations, configuration and upgrades most software products. Whether it be operations systems or applications we have the knowledge and expertise do it right the first time. Upgrade drivers and patches are required for reliable operation and maximum utilization of system capabilities.

Custom Desktop PC Builds

We have a range of PC base units that incorporate Dual Core and Quad Core so as the latest I Processor I3, I5, I7 and I9 architecture for the office, gamer and business user. We are specialist with studio PCs for audio and video effects. Please contact us for more details.


We also supply new and second user Laptops and PC. Most computer work carried out and completed the same day and if our service tasks longer we confirm a suitable price that you are happy with, before finishing the work.

We also are specialists in the following area:

PC upgrades
Hardware advice
Antivirus solutions and effective Virus and Mal-Ware removal
Hardware sales including components and full systems
Solve your computer problems to maintain your business performance
Help you create new business solutionsHelp to find the right hardware software for you
A tailored service to meet your needs


Web site design

We believe web sites are the best way to advertise your business and helped many people to get their business live on the internet.



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Phone Repair
Laptop DC Jack
Mavigation Systems
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